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I’ve been writing since 2009, about traveling alone, with family, friends and my partner. I’ve traveled different states in the US, different countries in Asia, and the America. Since September 2019, my boyfriend and I decided to quit our full-time jobs and travel around the world. We mainly want to explore South East Asia and Europe. By traveling with our own pace, we can discover the locals real lifestyle and their culture. 

I am documenting these travel stories and tips with words, photos and videos to show you the beauty of the world.  

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Latest Posts

Starlux Airlines Review: A 5-Star Travel Experience from Taipei to Bangkok

Starlux Airlines Review: 5 Stars! Flying is no longer just about getting to the destination, but also about enjoying the journey.

Take Bus from Taipei to Tainan, in First/Business class

There are a few ways to go from Taipei to Tainan, and today I am going to introduce how to take bus from Taipei to Tainan in first / business class.

Feels like Strip Club… Cafe Corgi in the Garden

Welcome to the Corgi Club, oops no, it’s a corgi cafe in Bangkok. I’ve never been to a strip club...

2-day trip in Kyoto

Kyoto has always been on my top to go list. This time, after 6 days in Hokkaido with my family, I traveled to Kyoto by myself for 2 full days.

First Cabin Kansai Airport Capsule Hotel Experience

After saying goodbye to my family in Hokkaido, I traveled to Kyoto by myself. Since I had a pretty...

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