Welcome to the Corgi Club, oops no, it’s a corgi cafe in Bangkok. I’ve never been to a strip club (yet) but I’ve seen things on TV or heard about it. After experiencing this corgi cafe in Bangkok, Jie and I both felt like being in a strip club. 

The corgis don’t strip of course (They are naked already). I am saying it because, first, it’s an expensive experience. Second, if you don’t have food in hand, they don’t come to you. They don’t even look at you… Just like when you go to a strip club, girls don’t perform for people with no money, right? 

Corgis running out make quite a scene

How to get there? >

It’s a coffee shop/corgi garden located in the middle of nowhere. There is nothing much around so we took Grab to go there from Siam Square area. It costs us about 200 baht and an hour. The traffic was really bad even on a Wednesday, so I’d suggest you leave early just in case.

The Process

We went on a Wednesday noon so there’s no wait. According to a friend, if you go on weekends, you need to get a number in the morning and wait for the sessions in the afternoon and sometimes there’s no room for the whole day.

When you arrive at the entrance, order and pay first. There are 4 different sets:

  • Drink only                               350 Baht
  • Drink + Dessert                     450 Baht
  • Souvenir + Drink                   650 Baht
  • Souvenir + Drink + Dessert 750 Baht

The price is high for a coffee but take it as “playing with corgis with a coffee”, then you will feel better. (The price went up 100 baht from the original one.)

Before going in, you need to wash hands, take off shoes and put on food cover. When you wait in the space, their staff would serve the drink you order and show you the instruction about how to interact with dogs.

100 Baht for a bowl of food for corgi

Then the staff shows everyone how to play/interact with dogs, including shaking hands, waiting, laying down. If you want to do these tricks with corgis, you need to buy food from them for 100 baht a bowl, in which are 10 small pieces of chicken and carrots. Yes, It’s optional, but would you sit there and not want to play with them? 

Each session lasts an hour. After half an hour, staff starts to take photos for each group of guests. They also attract corgis to your side and let you feed them and take videos/photos for you.

Photo team is ready!

Real Feelings

Even though I joke about being in a strip club, and the whole expense is high, I still think it’s a memorable experience. Maybe because I’ve never had a dog but I love them, I rarely get a chance to be surrounded by so many dogs. They are just so adorable! Their staff are all very friendly and helpful. I can tell they all love these corgis but not use them as money makers. The time and session are designed well so those dogs won’t be too tired. They also provide healthy fresh food for doggies, not packaged dog food.

On the other side, I think it’s a one time experience. It’s not something I would go over and over again due to the commercial vibe. For me, dogs are more like friends and family, but here they are more like products. People use food to attract them on purpose and trick them to do certain things, take pictures with them. Because of this, they become too realistic. They only approach you when you got food. If you don’t, they even try to avoid your touch.

Maybe people who enjoy strip club like the feeling that money would attract girls. But I believe there’s no true love when there’s money involved. So I guess I still hope dogs approach me because they like me

This corgi’s got personality. He doesn’t just go to whoever for food. Watch video: I’m an introvert
He is smiling not because of me. There’s food in front of the camera. 

Information of Cafe Corgi in the Garden

  • Address:338/1 Kallapaphruek Road Khwaeng Bang Wa, Phasicharoen, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/corgiinthegarden/
  • Price:From 350 Baht and up 
  • Hour:
    • Tuesday to Friday  12:30, 14:30, 16:30
    • Weekend  10:30, 12:30, 14:30, 16:30