My sister and I took the latest Starlux Airlines flight from Taipei to Bangkok for our trip to Thailand. The overall experience was fantastic, and it was like an airline that makes you want to spend extra money just to fly with them. I remember the Chairman Chang, Kuo-wei saying that he hopes passengers will want to take Starlux Airlines to transfer in Taiwan. I completely agree with him, and my sister and I both give Starlux Airlines a full five-star rating!

Starlux Airlines Review

Starlux Airlines makes me feel that flying is no longer just about getting to the destination, but also about enjoying the journey.

Starlux Airlines Review Overall

Comfort level of the seat and space★★★★★
Smoothness of check-in and boarding process★★★★★
In-flight meals and drinks★★★★
In-flight entertainment★★★★

The seat and space of Starlux Airlines

Seats are comfortable

We took a large 3-4-3 airplane from Taipei to Bangkok, and we had pre-selected our seats in the front section. We were not sure if it was due to the fewer number of passengers or special planning, but there was no one sitting next to us on both the outbound and return flights, which made the seats very spacious and comfortable. We did not feel any discomfort such as back pain during the flight, and the seats were stylish and had good quality. A friend even commented that it felt like flying in business class while being in economy class!

Space for luggages

The overhead compartments and space in front of the seats were also large and convenient to put things in. Because of the new design of the aircraft, there were more advanced features, and even if the person in front of us recline their seat a little, it did not affect the space behind us.

Starlux Airlines Review : Economy Class
Starlux Airlines Review : Economy Class
Starlux Airlines Review : Premium Economy Class
Starlux Airlines Review : Premium Economy Class

The Check-In and Boarding Process of Starlux Airlines

My sister and I had checked in online in advance, so after arriving at the airport, we went directly to the baggage drop counter and there was almost no waiting in line. It was very thoughtful that even though we had bought separate tickets, the system asked if we wanted to check-in together for the return flight, which was really advanced!

The boarding process was probably the smoothest I’ve ever seen. I’m not sure if it’s because they divide the boarding sequence into more zones, and each zone has less people, so the boarding process is completed quickly and efficient. Another reason might be that Starlux probably attracts more frequent travelers, so everyone knows what to do at the right time, and there are no confused passengers causing delays.

Service of Starlux Airlines

The service is impeccable. The flight attendants are very friendly and professional, and they serve the passengers wholeheartedly. In particular, the English announcements on board have reduced the deliberate tone and the constant mispronunciation of vowels. I can accept the standard English and Taiwanese accents.

In-flight Meals and Beverage

This is the highlight of Starlux Airlines, and I have to say that the food is really delicious.

Meals were fantastic!

Recently, I took China Airlines to Canada, which was a long-haul flight, but the food was so bad that I couldn’t even eat it when I was hungry. In comparison, this time I was so full but still wanted to finish the meal. All the dishes, including the main course, side dishes, and desserts, were great.

On the outbound flight, we ordered the barbecue rice bowl, which was produced in collaboration with Hutong, and the rice was well cooked and flavorful, while the barbecue was understandably not as good as that in a restaurant, but still tasty. On the return flight, I ordered the Indian curry chicken, and my sister got the shrimp with pesto farfalle. I’m getting hungry just thinking about them now. However, what I’m saying is that compared to other airplane meals, the food is very delicious, but of course, it’s hard to compare with dining at a restaurant.

A wide selection of beverages, including cocktails

Moving on to beverages, there are many options including the usual red and white wines, juices, sodas, coffees, and more. I tried the white wine, which was just ordinary. What was special was that they also offered soup, which was not only novel but also very impressive and delicious!

Finally, there are the cocktails made in collaboration with TCRC, a super famous bar from Taiwan. Being born and grew up in Tainan, how could I miss out on this? The cocktail on the outbound flight was “Sci-Fi Cosmo 2.0,” made with gin as the base and added with lactate beverages like Calpis. It looked very beautiful in photos, and was very suitable for the flying atmosphere, but for me, it was too sweet. The cocktail served on the return flight was “Star Mojito,” made with whisky and added with fruits and vegetables, including a piece of lime. It was refreshing, delicious, and not too sweet, which was perfect for someone who had just returned from Thailand!

It is easier to get drunk on an airplane than on the ground, but the alcohol content of both cocktails seemed low, so there was no need to worry too much.

In-flight Entertainment on Starlux Airlines

In addition to the great design and planning, the facilities of Starlux Airlines are highly advanced. The screens are large, touch-sensitive, and easy to use, even for those who are not tech-savvy. The windows do not have traditional window shades, but instead having touch-sensitive switches. With a simple touch, the windows will become darker, yet still allowing passengers to see the scenery outside. This is much more thoughtful than traditional window shades that block out everything.

There is also free Wi-Fi onboard that allows passengers to send text messages. The power sockets include international plugs and USB-C ports, which is very user-friendly. Even the in-flight magazine, Kiann (meaning “to travel” in Taiwanese), has a high-quality feel to it!

My first experience with Starlux Airlines was really satisfying and enjoyable. Although both flights were over three hours long, we had a great time and would love to fly with them again.

If I had to point out a downside, it would be that the selection of movies on the plane was a little outdated. However, on the return trip, I watched the first Avatar and were able to catch up on the sequel when we got back, so maybe it worked out just fine!