Tainan, the first established city, has become a huge attraction in Southern Taiwan. Tourists often go to Taipei which is in the North but Tainan is also a place worth to visit if you have time. There are a few ways to go from Taipei to Tainan, including High speed rail, train and bus. High speed rail, of course, is the fastest which takes approximately 1.5 hour to 2 hour depends on the stops and costs $1350 (about $45USD). Taking train takes 3.5 hour to 6 hours depends on the train types and costs $400-$751 ($13-$25). But today I am going to introduce how to take bus from Taipei to Tainan.

Take bus from Taipei to Tainan in First/business class

Around 15 years ago, there’s no high speed rail in Taiwan, so bus was the best way to travel from college and home. And it’s not the normal and uncomfortable bus ride you image.

You will be taking “first or business class” bus.

There are less than 20 seats on the bus. Each seat is like a sofa, equipped with person TV, blanket, adjustable back, USB charging slot, and MASSAGE function.

How much is the bus ticket?

Only $530 ($17USD) for one way on weekdays; and $630 ($21USD) on weekends and rush hours. And it takes about 4 hours without traffic. 

Seats are like couch! Very comfy
You can watch movies and get a massage. 

How to get tickets?

The bus company Ho-Hsin is privately owned so they have their own website. You can book in advance on their website or buy tickets at the counter. If it’s busy hours such as Friday night, Saturday morning or Sunday evening, I would suggest you to plan ahead and get tickets early.

Book Online

The issues of booking online is that the website is only in Chinese and it requires a Taiwan ID number when you book it. So if you can’t read chinese and don’t have a Taiwanese ID, You have to go to the ticket counter.

  1. Go to the official website
  2. Book ticket
  3. Pay online, at a convenient store, or at the ticket counter

Buy ticket in person

  1. Go to Taipei Bus Station, which is right next to Taipei Main Station
    Address: No.209, Section 1, Shimin Boulevard, Taipei
  2. Find Ho Hsin Ticket Counter on the first floor
  3. The bus terminal is located on the 4th floor

Pros & Cons

After THSR had been a stable transportation, people tend to take it to save time, yet sometimes taking bus is an alternative way to travel.


  • It’s Cheaper than High speed rail and the fastest train.
  • The seat is more comfortable
  • You will have more time to enjoy the scenery.


  • It’s harder to estimate the arrival time
  • It takes longer than HSR
  •  Not good if you have car sick
  • Using toilet in car is not that comfortable

There are also other different bus companies offering cheaper transportation from Taipei to Tainan, but this is the only bus I would take if I have to travel by bus. They offer better service, more comfortable ride, and safer reputation.